Is it Okay To Put Shoes In The Dryer?

 We can’t put every shoe directly in the dryer because that’s how shoes go and the glue they’re attached to gets wet and separates from the shoe sole. Shoes that are made of fabric, such as canvas and cotton sneakers, can easily be put in the dryer and they are washable. 

   If you dry your shoes in a clothes dryer they won’t last long, it’s better to dry them in the sun or under a fan.

How to dry your shoes in the right way?

Washing and cleaning shoes are not easy, but here we will tell you some easy ways with which you can wash and clean shoes easily. Some steps are as follows…

Check the label of your shoe:-

      You should check the label of your shoe first. The label is on the inside of the shoe and has a size and washing symbol. If there is a circle, it means the shoe is washable. If there is a cross above the circle, the shoe cannot be washed. But don’t worry I will guide you below on which stuff are shoes are washable and which are not, so read the article carefully.

Soak the shoes in the water:- 

       Soak your shoes in the water for a while and then put a little surf on the uppers and wash them well by scrubbing them with a brush. It is the easy and best step for washing shoes. Washing in this way will not damage your shoes and will last longer. 

Fasten the laces of the shoe:-

     Whenever you start washing your shoes in the machine, fasten their laces. This way the shoes will be washed well. If you take off their straps, they will come undone, thus ruining them. And if you tie them together, they will stay together and be cleaned easily.  

     Tie them up and put them inside the dryer or hang them next to the door of the dryer so their soles won’t separate and they will clean well.

Do the right setting in the dryer:-

              You want to set your dryer correctly. Automatic machines have the option, but you still want to check the shoes every once in a while to make sure they are getting clean. If there is no option in the machine, wash the shoes by keeping the temperature of the machine on low.

             There is an option for 60 minutes in the automatic machine, but during these 60 minutes, you have to check it again and again because if you wash it for a long time, the shoe will get damaged and rough and the cable will not last.

Dry in the Air or under Fan:-

              Every time you wash your shoes, put them under the wind or a fan to dry them. This will neither discolor them nor shrink them because most of the time, leaving the shoes in the sun will damage the shoes.

Can your shoes Dry on Sun?

              You can also teach them by keeping them in the sun, but staying in the sun for too long will cause their color and fabric to shrink, making the shoe useless. 

           The best way is to stretch it in the air or put it under a fan. This will ensure that your shoe will not shrink, discolor, or deteriorate.

Which type of shoes do you put in the Dryer?

      Washing your shoes in the dryer is a very simple task, it is done quickly and easily without any hassle. But not every shoe can be washed in the machine, the shoes that can be put in the dryer are mentioned below 

  • Canvas
  • Cotton
  • Polyester

These are the shoes that you can put in the dryer.


    Canvas shoes are generally safer. Those made of canvas can easily be put in the tumble dryer because their fabric is machine washable. Their material is similar to that of tents and their soles are made of rubber with metal holes on the top through which shoelaces are inserted. These are very comfortable shoes, you can easily run and walk in them.


   These shoes are made of cotton fabric. These shoes are made for maximum speed. These shoes are made in August 2018. These shoes are also very good for walking and running. Just be careful when putting them in the machine. Needed because these are made of cotton so cotton shrinks so it’s best to hand wash and air dry.

Polyester or Nylon:-

     The tags inside your clothes are made of this fabric. These shoes are very popular for running nowadays because they are stretchy and easy to run with. While putting them in the dryer, be careful not to wash them at too high a temperature because polyester or blue melts at high temperatures.

 Shoes you can’t put in the dryer:-

  • Suede
  •  Leather
  •  Foam/Gel
  •  Fancy shoes


           Seed shoes are from the 1950s and are often seen worn by singers, artists, etc. These shoes are delicate and require a lot of care. and if they are kept in a very hot place, then the cracks are read on them and even then they do not stay loose, so they put a little detergent on a cloth and clean it with a brush and leave it in the air dryer.


            Leather shoes should not be put in the dryer at all, because if they are washed in the dryer, they will become loose and the material from their upper will also come off. And it takes another form. You can’t run too much with these shoes because they become loose due to being too hot.


         These are sneakers that are damaged by putting them in the dryer.

    Their glue separates from the sole and the shoe upper and sole separate. These shoes are comfortable, but if you run or walk a lot, their soles become hard because of the heat, so they don’t last long.


       These are fancy or casual shoes, they cannot be washed in the dryer at all, because they have been scratched or any other work has been done on them. It’s not even wearable. 


In this article, you can read about whether is it okay that you can put shoes in the dryer. You can put the shoes in the dryer according to the material of the shoes. You can also read about the shoes that you put in the dryer and that you can’t put in the dryer. Canvas, cotton, and polyester or nylon shoes that you can put into the dryer but read this article carefully for knowing the washing steps. Leather, suede, foam or gel (sneakers), fancy shoes, you can’t put them into the dryer because these are not washable in the dryer.

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